didn’t I tell you?

Makes the best show doesn’t it? To pretend every things okay? I watched the rain steam up coffee shop windows and listened to people talking as I wrote. Life buzzed around me and weakness was shown more than once by the people around me.  I realized that people can handle other peoples weakness. That perhaps humanity is guided by us bearing one anthers burdens. Maybe I am just talking, maybe I am just regurgitating everything I have heard, but it’s true. The world can handle your pain, as much as the next persons. Other people love where there is a concave, like the ocean filling itself with water. We fill each others wounds until we all have pieces of each other within. Until we become a kaleidoscope of each others love, and didn’t I tell you years ago- that that was enough?


The sun is gone now, but I am still here. Eagerly hoping for myself to burry my worry and stress, and to take up faith. Unlike the sun, faith does not shine. It cannot warm you, or do anything for you – but you can feel it – it changes the way you move in sunlight or in darkness. It is faith that moves you – not light.

A Million Shades of Blue

I was watching the sun moon rise, I got caught up dancing with fireflies. The world spun madly around me but I stayed calm, like streaking a million shades of blue up against the dawn.  And in the shadows of my life everything disappeared. Darkness turned to ashes and my kindness reappeared. I was trancing in a new daylight with no thought of the evil around me. The world is ending but I’m brought to life. Worlds only end so new ones rise. With my new found glory I’ll be the queen of light.