hard times

everyone is going through a hard time right now. and no ones getting what they want. I want to move to new york and write in a busy environment. a woman I spoke to just wants an affordable apartment for her family by christmas. unfortunately, because people know that housing is in demand and everyone is fleeing the city, landlords are rising the rent. thus, making life harder on everyone who lives here and making their bed in hell, because that is where you go when you raise rent prices in a pandemic when people can’t work. nevertheless, I am not getting what I want, and neither is she. both cases are painful but I find relief in knowing I am not alone. I’ve decided to stay in my hometown for the winter – because I don’t really have a choice. and I truly believe with all my heart that something in this situation is going to help us all grow. I think there is something to be said for how you behave, and the the actions you take when you don’t get what you want. I think a lot of your humanity is tested when you keep getting doors slammed in your face. because how will you ever know the truth of your character if it is never tested? I have no idea. maybe I am wishful thinking. but maybe I’m not and I’m right about this being an opportunity to be better people.