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This blog originally began as a place to share my short stories. I quickly realized that wasn’t the smartest decision for someone who hasn’t bought a copyright yet, which is also why I had to take my poetry off of Amazon. I paid for the domain and for a while I let it sit there, not even having a thought of what to do with it. Then it all came to me at once, although, I believe the Universe or God or a guardian Angel, someone had been whispering hints to me all day long. It began with me knowing I wanted to start a blog. Each time I grafted an idea, I realized everything I wanted to do cost some serious cash. Although I believe I am destined for fortune, I’m not there yet and I needed a more practical solution to my problem.  I love to listen to people speak about anything. I like to go on youtube and listen to speeches of peoples lives and I also like listening to important speeches of history on iTunes while I clumsily paint my entire apartment. Side note: My land lord came for a visit and I had painted over Ralph Lauren paint. Who knew designers made paint? It was not my finest moment. Anyways, I listened to a spiritual woman say 3am is when they veil is lifted between us and the spiritual world and we can communicate freely and embody the energy the spiritual part of the world has to offer. It might sound crazy to someone who never had to wake up at 4 am for her mother to make it to her job driving school buses but I did. I always had a love/hate relationship waking up so early in the morning. I felt a certain kind of magic that the middle of the day couldn’t have. I was miserable and tired but I was also over the moon inspired which to me trumps any pain. I love getting up early in the morning, but I need a reason. I cant just wake up and sit in my bed and be like -oh yeah, this is great. Because its not and do not get me started on the gym. Thats just unnatural. I don’t know what cavemen did but I’m pretty sure they sat around on rocks drinking dirt coffee or something enjoying the morning and not passively aggressively trying to out do betty on the cycling machine next to you. I prefer dancing as my exercise, and swimming in the ocean. Right now its freezing so I’m not doing anything but laying in bed watching Netflix and reading books until it gets warmer. ANYWAYS, I’m off topic. I decided I would write a blog every morning at 3am about the thoughts I have during that time. I have been writing novels for the past couple years (unpublished, for the love of God notice me) and every time I woke up at 4am and wrote for a couple hours, I would wake up later and reread what I wrote and it was amazing. There are several reasons for this. First, your brain doesn’t know how to second guess herself this early in the morning. Your subconscious is coming through raw and unfiltered and most of it is usually brilliant. Second, your bodies rhythm with the earth is somehow on this precious awakening sacred space. I’m at a loss for words, but science has proven it. I’m hoping I can inspire myself by creating a stronger bond with these quiet moments of my life, also that I say things that make other people inspired/happy. Thats not a goal, I’m only going to say what comes to me but I do hope it does something for someone. Maybe a blooming young female director?? Thats my dream, to see more women directing but thats another blog. So every morning at 3am possibly for the rest of my life I will be holding myself accountable for this.  Well see. Bon Voyage.

4 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. I think my blog is a good a place as any to share them. I have plenty of personal writings litered around my apartment on paper as well as manuscripts I’m submitting to get published. Thank you for the wishes!


  2. You don’t need to buy a copyright. I’m not sure where you live. The copyright law I’m familiar with is US law, but I suspect it’s somewhat the same in many countries. There’s such a thing as implied copyright in the US. As the words flow into some tangible form, you have an implied copyright. What you need to do is put a copyright notice on your blog–look around and see what other people use, then use some variation of that yourself. It wouldn’t be enough to allow you to take someone to court and sue them for infringing it, but let’s be realistic, how many of us are going to do that, or could afford to? But for that, you’d have to register the copyright with the–if I remember right it’s the Library of Congress, but don’t trust me on that. You could find it by googling “register copyright.” That can be done for a collection of work rather than for each piece, but don’t lose sleep over it. I don’t know any writers who’ve done that. Traditional publishers will do it for manuscripts they publish, in the writer’s name.

    Hope that’s some use.

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