7 am 2-22-19

Okay so blogging at 3am this morning didn’t happen, and I have a good reason. Waking up early used to be a problem for me but I think I tripped the system or something because when my alarm sounded, I was excited. The only problem was my niece that I was babysitting woke up in the middle of the night and I brought her into my sisters bed with me to sleep. This child did not want personal space. She snuggled right up to me and fell peacefully asleep. Adapting to my last minute babysitting, I decided I would blog from my phone and take advantage of the amazing backyard view the house has. However, the little one at times was either on my arm, neck or hand and I couldn’t leave her or wake her, I didn’t have the heart. I was awake most of the time. My sister has a concrete bed with brick pillows, where as I have a bed like a cloud. It was not comfortable. Its beautiful out today despite being February its cold and misty and inspiring, so I will probably be writing today.

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