4am 2-23-19 do not read this if you are easily scared.

I woke from a dream that was both courageous and frightening. Are you brave enough to hear it?

In the dream I was in an old victorian house. It was old and dark but in the dream I was a good witch so I didn’t mind. It was night time, with blue velvet skies and pine trees, I was peaceful except for the fact that I had just banished a bad witch to the basement for trying to kill me. I went to the basement later with one of my sisters, (I am one of three, we used to watch charmed a lot as kids and always pretended to be witches.) I went into the basement and there she was old and dressed in white, with white long hair and wrinkly skin trying to find a death spell to kill me. She smiled and did that thing where someone is being nice-mean to you. God this is so freaky, and you find out why in a second. She broke out into the yard and I found my wand and I started casting out spells immediately. Here’s the thing, I was saying them poetically, and I am a poet. I saw the light leave my hand and do the work I needed and I was so happy. It was the first time I realized I had the power to kill her. I also started a lot of these off with saying “Jesus…” and asking him to do what it is that I wanted. I killed her, turned her into paper, put her in a water bottle and sealed it. Next thing I knew I was on stage but as Taylor Swift accepting an award for doing this. When I think of awards I think of Taylor Swift, so thats probably why I thought of her. Also she’s a fearless person and I think what I did in my dream was fearless. Here’s why.

This is where things get freaky so I recommend you stop reading if you’re in a dark room by yourself.

When I was a little girl, my mom almost moved us out of our house because I told her there was a white lady above my bed, and when she asked me if I was scared, I replied no, she’s really nice. This isn’t a connection I made until I woke up this morning.

Last summer I wrote a poem book named Veracity where I let my subconscious go to town and tell a story in poetry of a young goddess, who is tricked by a witch out of the love of her fathers home in heaven, to the world where she is misunderstood. The words verbatim is “then an evil jealous witch came, and told the young girls faith, I can take you somewhere new, the universe hid away,” Appealing to her (my) adventurous side. When she wakes up she can’t remember who she really is until another woman (Holy Sprirt) comes to find her washing up in a river and persuades her to let her care for her as she heals in recovery. After a long string of adventures and learning about her power, Vera (the main character) faces the witch that cursed her so many years ago and destroys her with the truth. I wrote this because I couldn’t find the words to describe what  I was feeling and that story felt right somehow.

Last night I went to bed thinking about freedom.  I decided for myself what freedom was and decided I would be free. Then comes this dream. Then comes the realization that maybe a story that helped me explain what I felt like, was more than a feeling. I am both freaked out and relived to have gotten to the point in the story where the evil witch is gone (whats up dorothy and snow white, I’m one of you now.)

If I close my eyes I can still see her face. Which is unsettling. But even though it was just a dream, I can remember my power, which is comforting. Now that I’ve scared you for the day, I recommend watching cartoons or thinking happy thoughts. I’ll be going back to bed with the lights on. Bon Voyage.

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