The rain was filling up. My world was becoming a wet hot place, steaming as the rain hit the pavement in the mid summer heat. My world was filling. I once thought of myself as a valley, but as I fill I see it as a cup. Whatever I may be, I’m filling, higher and higher. My laughter is more full, my dreams more vivid, my speech more witty and sharp. I’ve become a delight, a sensation to myself. It is hardly any work either, it is so simple. I do the things I enjoy, explore my interests and say kind things to myself and vahwhela – there I am! As happy as a clam. So here I am standing in the middle of the pavement and my sundress is white and sticking to my skin like a sultry divine carving of a goddess and I’m not afraid. The entire world is knocking at my door with all its kalediscopic parts. The language, the success, the enemies, the wonders, the failures, the glitz, the dim, the holy, the broken- its all there on the other side of the door, standing in line anxiously waiting to meet me. In this moment I am fearlesss. I used to loose sleep over people seeing me, being invloved- I don’t really mind it now. I give it a smirk and smile to myself and make my way to the door to open. I’ll meet everything waiting for me and I will give more than they will. I’ll have the time of my life as I cross over to the other side.

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