Cosmic Love

Standing in a doorway I froze. The universe was displayed before me. After the door mantle hung stars all about me. Bright colorful lights danced in and out of view. I could walk forward into this if I only believed I could. I loved it in my heart but it coincided with the fear of falling. To fall into the universe would be a frightful thing, but to walk would be glory. The great mystery laid before me and it seems a big choice to make. Do I shut the door and go back into my bed room? Or am I a woman of faith? Lets see what I am really made of. I cant go back to what used to be. As I dance in the stars and sing by the moon. A frightful step turned out to be not so frightful indeed. I am safe in this kind and pleasant unknown. When the storms come, I will compose symphonies in their honor. A love I was so fearful to accept turned out to be the greatest gift of all. Everything I knew was connected as I fell beneath the false perceptions into color. No wrong, no right, only freedom is here. With the just being justified by their faith alone. All the secrets being revealed bring me to my knees in a humble surrender. At the bottom of my well I always knew this was the answer. My heart is beating true once more. My body, spirit and soul align for the first time in years.

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