Green Tea Before Bed

Haven’t you ever sat on your windowsill and watched the moon? It takes my breath away and I can sit for hours staring at the deep velvet blue sky. My “Live Free or Die” mug from New Hampshire, rests warmly in my hands. I grip it tighter fighting the below freezing chill kissing the other side of the window. I like the rush of both temperatures, warm in my hands, freezing on my arms and legs. These are the times I ponder. The world is still and so quiet. It is dark at this time, not even nature can shed light on your mind, it has to be its own light. If your mind has not lit up you haven’t reached a decent thought and one must stay with green tea in their hands, sitting on a window sill watching he moon until they do. In this dark and quiet is also when you can hear your soul speak. No distractions rustle about, you’re free to listen. The earth hums. The sky bashes her eyelashes in twinkles like as if to taunt observers with a secret you’re destined to discover.

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