Do You Ever Wonder

Do you ever wonder about why things happen? And can you trust them? No matter how horrible they seem? When the eviction notice comes, or you’ve cheated on someone you loved have you ever looked into that mess and wondered if somehow you are on the right track? Maybe God did not want you living where you are and because you would not listen, every kind of pressure was pushed against you, eating at your funds desperately trying to tell you- this isn’t where you get fed. Or cheating. I know we have a two demential view of this kind of betrayal, but hear me out. Lets say you do love him, but you’re both destined for different hings in life and staying with him only holds you back. Because you are thinking about his feelings and not yours, your subconcious throws a fit and points you towards destruction so afterwards you have no choice but to end the relationship and never recover. It can be a moral dilemma but after maturing and discovering you need to value your own life and feelings, you understand the purpose. I don’t believe this is true for everybody and I am not writing this to give the OK to financial irresponsibilty or cheating. However, God has a mysterious way of working do you ever just sit and wonder if maybe he was right? And next time you’ll know when to go before he needs to use destruction to get your attention? Also by cheating I mean anything that is used to hurt or desintegrate a relationship not just physically. Anytime you are not honest about your feelings or happiness, you are cheating your partner out of that relationship by blinding them from the truth. And for finacial irresponsibilty I am not talking about someone who buys things they don’t need. I am talking about food, water, shelter, electricity and your working 80 hours and it somehow just keeps pushing you farther under.I think it is secretly because you are worth more and God will never bless you in a place you do not belong.

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