Give to Your Dreams More Than You Take

Was anyone surprised when Lady Gaga won her Oscar? I was not. I was happy, thrilled and elated but I was not surprised. Here is why. I tried and failed to count all of the songs/albums she had created and shows she had done. It was madness, so I will just tell you, it is a lot. Most will tell you she worked hard, but thats not what I see. Hard work is busting your ass weeding in a garden for twelve hours in the middle of summer while all your friends are being normal eleven years olds (thanks mom). I see an investment. Investing is like fresh winds breathing through your soul because investment is action with a purpose. Hard work, is strain with no higher purpose. Ultimately, what you give is what you get. So if you think of a dream as a flower and water her, give her sunlight and love, you will have a healthy flower. Dreams are the same way. Every action, every word spoken and step taken are either giving to your dream or taking away from it. Give more. I have sacrificed stability at the beginning of my adult life to focus on how many times I can do something to get better and better. How much can I give to this dream before it becomes a reality? Lady Gaga gave and gave and gave. Her work is made up of giving something she made. To other people. That is also the key, you must involve other people somehow. When you work like that, each work collects and adds to your steps to take you to somewhere else. This is why being a giver is unintentionally so great, it moves you forward. The more you give, the further you will go. If you are a writer, I suggest writing as much as you can and trying to reach as many people as you can with the intent that “I have something other people need.” Or if your a singer, sing like hell to anyone who will hear you. Upload onto youtube, piss your roommate off, sing on the tread mill at the gym to work on breath control, I don’t know just do it. Someone will always notice you and God will always bless a giving heart. Ten fold. Just make sure this message seeps into your heart and not your mind. Giving hearts go further. Because when purpose leads your ship, everything you need will follow and one day you will wake up and wonder how to handle everything you have. So give, give, and give a little more. It will not only energize you but it will hold you and make a way for you. I hope whatever your working towards comes true. Heaven knows I have been trying for sometime now. God bless.

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