I Want That Mountain

This is a story of the time I was at Mount Washington in New Hampshire. I woke up in my Connecticut apartment at seven am and decided to drive up the mountain. I love long drives because it gives me the opportunity to sing as loud as I want and dance like a fool. Anyways, I was happy to take the day off to see New Hampshire because it was one of my favorite places. As I reached the mountain, I decided to drive up but my car did not. I parked it at about 500 ft. (I’m guessing here, it wasn’t much) Anyways, I admired the view, walked around the rocks for a while and decided I was going to get up this mountain because I didn’t travel all this way for nothing. I began walking. I walked 6,288 feet up a mountain. It took me three hours. I was sweating. My body was aching. However, I did not get angry at all. I distracted myself by singing “I want that mountain”, a hymn I learned in church growing up. Eventually, one family, and only one, offered to drive me up the rest of the way. I was breathless, stopping every five minutes to catch my breath but I said no. I knew that I wanted to get to the top of this place on my own. I don’t know why. I ‘m an ambitious soul and I don’t like to give up on how I want to accomplish something. Eventually, I reached the top. I never knew there was food at the top of the mountain and I ate the greatest chili of my life. I ran into that family again, and they gave me a ride down that I happily agreed to. My pride was satisfied. Maybe it wasn’t pride but more honor and dignity. Maybe it was stubbornness. I am the most stubborn person I know. We took pictures, I exchanged numbers with their son, who was very cute but not for me, and I enjoyed doing my favorite thing in the whole world, meeting new people. It was a great day. I drove five hours back home, went to bed and woke up at 5am the next day to go to work, (waitressing for 10 hours) feeling better than ever. In addition to the bragging I entitled myself to, I also had a deep sense of admiration for who I am, because I knew what I was capable and I did it. The reason I did this specifically was as a reminder for every time I entered a adverse situation, I would always climb and I would always get there by my own two legs. Some of you are struggling with poverty, some are struggling with leaving a small town or depression. Whatever it is, you will make your way out of it and you will only have yourself to thank and that is the greatest feeling in the whole world, being 100% responsible for your success. So if your poor, great, more room to grow and take credit for. I heard someone say they were brought up in riches, and none of their accomplishments will ever be founded by their own two hands. It was the most depressing thing I had ever heard, they were born on the mountain top. I am grateful for the climb, there is poetry there. The mountain top tastes sweeter because of the bottom (see? poetry.) Anyways, as I stand at the bottom of my new mountain (*says how you doin’ in Joey Tribianni’s voice) I look at it with extreme hope and gratefulness, despite any pain that comes, because, I’m grateful to climb, and feel the pain. Pain turned inside out is Joy. And I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to be born in comfort, I like to move, but you need emotion to move you. (in motion) And only a strong desire, and pain can do that. Have faith that whatever your working towards will be so worth anything you’re through.  I love you all and believe in the power placed inside everyone of you.

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