An Illegal Justice *Teaser* (To Be Continued)

Its cold tonight, and the moon is full. We finally had our first snow of the season last night and I can see my breath. I lock my apartment door, put my head phones in and pull on my hood. My heart is racing as i make my way down the stairs. The more nervous I become the more I remind my self why I’m doing this. College, health insurance, travel, a future. Only two more blocks and ill be there. I walk with my head down as I pass a cop drinking coffee. He glares at me and i can feel it permeate my skin. Unsure wither he is checking me out or thinking I’m suspicious, i decided to glance up and smile with a hello.

“hello darlin, little late for you to be out huh?” he says jolly. he’s an older african american man with a belly and a kind smile. I know I could out run him.

“Greys Ana†omy, girls night at my friends house I’m almost there.” I giggle and behave as if I’m someone who actually gives a shit about something thats on tv.

“Alright then, good night” I smile at him as I keep walking.

theres only so much risk you can take when theres 100,000 dollars worth of illegal substances on your body. Its not drugs. I am some what moral about the illegal things I do. Drugs have killed my friends, ruined families, destroyed dreams. Drugs are evil and they don’t discriminate on who they’re victim will be. As for me, hell will freeze over before I help someone have that be a part of their life.

Iskla powder is a fine light green powder. It is a highly illegal substance used by people to help with diverse illnesses. This powder reverses and cures the effects of HIV, cancer and degenerative brain diseases. Iskla, also helps people with learning disabilities and special needs use different parts of their brain, reversing the effects. In addition, it helps with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, aggression disorders and many more. When you consume this it offers mental clarity and numerous health benefits. However when consumed, this powder leaves a person untraceable. The human body gives off a chemical reaction that makes your hair, skin, nails and finger prints untraceable. If you were  to do anything against the law, the traces you left behind would be unrecognizable to any data base. You would be virtually untouchable.

Most people doubt the validity of such a substance. It appears in useless Facebook articles and is claimed as a conspiracy theory fueled by people angry with the government.

I keep walking and my breath is showing itself as I breathe. I cross my arms in a useless attempt to make myself warmer. A couple more steps and I will be at the house they assigned me. As I get closer the area becomes more familiar, I know this place. I know this house. It is in a suburban area and the home is beautiful. I walk slowly unassured up the steps before stopping at the door. I stand in utter curiosity and who is on the other side of the door.


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