In The Desert *Short Story*

I rode a camel through the desert that day.  The sun was relentless, my skin was pulsing and glistening with sweat as I tried to keep my vision from blurring.  The first few warning sign of heat stroke were dancing in my consciousness and I new I needed to rest in a cool dry place but there was no where to go but sand for miles.  Everywhere I looked were hills of burnt sienna and I was a hopeless wanderer with no where to rest.  My skin felt like cinnamon, brown and shimmering with sweat like homemade french toast with the sugar on top.  I was so thirsty I hoped I could drink myself but as I tried I held no rivers for me to drink from.  I had entered the dry lands of the dessert.

My camel began to limp and I cringed at the thought of putting her through pain.  Quickly I jumped off and began rubbing her long nose, whispering compliments and reassuring her we would rest.  As we sat down, most likely to die, cuddled into each other, I heard a voice and it said my name.

“Talcha,” It spoke again and I stumbled to my feet and saw no one.  I circled to look around and saw nothing for miles.

“I am here. Keep walking.” .  My cinnamon skin turned to liquid waves of sand flowing into a refreshing new tide. I was sweating.

“Who are you?” I called out. “Where are you?” Immediately I turned to my camel and she had a smile on her face, chewing food I had not given her.  Her aching joints looking well.

“Inside and all around you.” 

I paused.  Air.  Something so present and surrounding.  We keep it so close we exchange it as we breathe.  Its all surrounding, must be consumed for life but it is never suffocating.

“Will you save me?”  I called out to him and he laughed so full the skies shook with it.

“You will save yourself.”

“My name is Talcha Rosea Liana Naimed, my course is to reach the city of lights to live in prosperity and brotherhood.  Is there anything you can do to help me?”

“You,”  He said slowly. “Have already helped yourself, look into the new horizon you have never seen before and welcome to the joy of keeping the faith.”           

I turned my head as the sun had begun to explode in colors of pink, purple and orange over a city glowing  with a large river running through the middle.  Although I was miles away I could see green,  I smiled thinking of laying on the soft grass looking up into the sky that speaks to me.  I could smell the food, curry, nuts, spices, tea.  It was all so warm and I clutched my stomach to brace myself from the pangs of hunger but they never came.

“Why am I no longer hungry? I haven’t eaten.”  I called out.  Not even my hands as I examined them looked bruised with malnutrition,  I was glowing.

“Your faith has made you well.”  He said softly and I finally understood.

I had crossed the line from believing to seeing.  I had spoken of a land I dreamed of and here it stands in front of me.  Then I fell to my knees, crossed my hands over my camels stomach and prayed, thanking the Lord above for his provision and faithfulness.  I thanked him continuously and I thanked myself for not complaining .

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