We Don’t Live For Thieves

We always had to hide things of ours in our own home so they would not be stolen.  This made me so angry because I should not have to hide my things in my own bedrooms from intruders.  They should not go were they don’t belong and take things that are not theirs.  I should not be tailoring my existence to thieves.  Perhaps that is why I hid from myself, had I put it out there someone would take me and never give me back and my true expression is what I held most dear.  So I hid until hiding was to painful and my life had become a lie because that is all I was showing.  I didn’t want to hide anymore.  The thief can answer to me from now on.  My life is for me and not hiding away so they don’t get their way.  I will be true and get what I want and no one will scare me away from living like that.

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