Then Explain Elephants

I believe – and want – a woman president. The patriarchy has gone on for centuries and I am begging for the Matriarch to step in. I believe a female leader would bring more light to being a women and will speak up about the challenges of being a woman. In my bed this Sunday, I’m watching a documentary about girls in India who have no knowledge of their periods, or how to care for them. It is a taboo subject and ignored, hurtfully. I was ten years old when I got my period and so embarrassed, I told no one for a week. When I finally got the nerve, my mom hysterically cried and locked herself in her room.  And I was alone again at a young age. If we had more female leaders, young girls wouldn’t be so lost, so confused, or ashamed of their existence. If it were not for women, none of us would be here. So don’t you think we should treat them better and not keep their lives under covers?  And I mean that literally. We have a horrible imbalance because of the misinterpretations of religions, the fear of a independent women and control issues of how people in power want to see our society function. We all come from women, obviously God doesn’t take that position lightly. There are people who say women cannot lead, that God would never allow it but here is my question- if God would let Elephants lead a successful Matriarch then why not people? If the natural order of things were men = power, then why is that not reflected in nature? Because it is not true. When I was a girl, I always questioned if God loved me in church (never outside, hmm..) because we never spoke about women, ever. We would talk about how brave and bold these men were, but when it came to women, mute. God help Mary whenever her name came up, her accomplishment of caring for the savior of the world and mothering him is seen as insignificant. I could you not, I have heard people say God could have chosen anyone, she was not special. Apparently she was because not just anyone could handle raising the true Messiah mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Also there are many strong women in the Bible God works through. You will just never hear of them. We look through men-empowered stained glasses that have tainted our existence. The equilibrium of men and women existing in harmony is pure and joyful, but when that scale tips, and one becomes greater than the other, darkness sets in. Everyone looses. So in conclusion, I really really hope we have a woman president in 2020. Elephants are the best, ya know?

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