Eating Disorders

I wanted to talk about eating disorders because this is something most people suffer in silence about. I have never had an eating disorder, but that doesn’t mean I’m not immune to getting one. My life has been all over the place lately and my eating schedule has been totally out of wack. Not to mention sitting ten hours a day writing and finishing a project isn’t the healthiest. Don’t worry though, I’m learning balance and went to the gym this morning. Anyways, I gained weight and I am currently the heaviest I have ever been. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, I still look good and carry it well, but not everyone welcomes body changes gracefully. Winter, for me, is the worst. I hate being inside and sitting around. I can’t stand it. But I know when warm weather comes, I’ll be out and about and my body returned to normal. Other people might see weight gain as unacceptable and gross. Others, its a poison that would take away their spouse, career, reputation or friends. I like modeling and it was noticeable in my pictures I was gaining weight. Had I not thought the thoughts I chose, I very well could have let social media influence me that only thin is beautiful, punished myself and starved or barfed. Instead, I knew I’m beautiful no matter what size I am, and that thick is in. I also like having more body because I feel more here. I grew up very thin and now I feel like a functioning human. Eating disorders are pitfalls anyone could fall into. If you have an eating disorder, tell someone and know that you’re not alone and you are beautiful no matter what. Food is good, movement is good, and life is good. Live and live well. Theres nothing to apologize about.

4 thoughts on “Eating Disorders

  1. I think one thing is to look beautiful, the other thing is to stay healthy. Accepting one’s look is a good practice, shows a healthy mind. Accepting weight gain is not right because with weight comes many problems some of them can be long term.


    1. I didn’t gain hundreds of pounds. I gained a solid fifteen, I’m not fat by any terms at all. Everyones body is different though. So I think it is right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with how I look

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