Growing Pains

Have you ever felt a pain that feels so clear, it sets you free? The give and take of life surprises us all and brings us to our knees sometimes. Loss is a part of life. It is half of life. If you do not know how to loose something, you do not know how to live. We are living bystanders of everything. We watching life unfold, ebb and flow in front of us. If you try to reach out and grab it, it will slip through your fingertips because nothing here is for us to keep. Nothing is ever truly ours. That is why gratefulness is so important. Pain should not be avoided, pain is joy turned inside out. The only thing you will ever posses, or own is the love you have inside your heart, first for yourselves, then others. We have God, who lives in us, which, by the way, is more than enough if you can train yourself to focus inwards. Being distracted can be fatal because you’ll miss out on what truly matters. Life is not an accident or a joke, it is the ultimate experience you can have. Do not be afraid of getting hurt, it’s how you know it’s real, and, you can always heal from anything. Just today I walked too quickly down the stairs and scraped my knee. Blood stained my jeans and it hurt for just a second. But blood lets you know your living, it shows you the life running through your veins. One of my favorite song lyrics is “Yeah you bleed just to know your alive”, and it was a very city of angels moment for me. This is life. You will get hurt. You will get up. You will carry on. You will be happy. There is no reason to be discouraged. I hope the best for all of you, and that you can see pain and loss as a bridge and not a dead end. Maybe even a highway.

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