God is Not an Angry White Man

How many of you think of God as a white old man? Sorry to break it to you, but God is not man like you and me. God is colors. And he isn’t always angry. Maybe with the wicked, I’ve read the verse, but overall he’s the greatest deity there could be. God is gentle, kind and merciful. We can’t even comprehend a love like Gods.

I wanted to talk about this because as I live my life there are lots of white angry men popping up from time to time, trying to tear me down. Why? I have no idea. I’m just living my life and I haven’t even done half of what I’m planning, and I’m getting complaints. Even family members are stepping up and joining the hate parade.

I watched The Greatest Showman tonight, and in this movies angry white men boycotted the circus, because they didn’t like unique people being out in the light of day. Their hate was putrid as they spewed venom, and I just thought, I see people behaving like this in 2019. I see people behaving like this unapologetically because their hate is so strong, which tells me they have fear. This also tells me these men do not read, because a person who reads understands other people’s stories and struggles and cultivates a deep respect for the differences in humanity. But these men don’t care. They never pay mind to the fact they could have been born into a different family, that by the grace of God they were born healthy, and so on. The biggest racist could have been born a color he hates, then what would he have done?

I just wanted to write this because this is not how God sees people. With the majority of white men being in powerful positions, I never want anyone to think 1. this is how God looks and 2. this is how God behaves. God created everyone. God loves everyone, and don’t tell me he doesn’t, because everyone alive today is breathing, even the people who don’t like him. Most of them are enjoying their lives and he does not destroy them. God is goodness, mercy and gentle in a way we can’t comprehend. He is like the sweetest river on perfect day. God lives in all of us from the beginning. It’s Jesus who made a way for us to go back home where we belong. I don’t want to bore anyone with faith, but that is mine and I think it’s worth having.


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