At the Bottom of the Ocean

At the bottom of the ocean, in the middle of the sea, I found a love like sunken treasure, waiting there for me. I sunk slowly, watching the world busy above me. I watched all the colors of life as the sun shown through the glassy surface. Bubbles from my lips float to the top and the sun begins to dim, everything is getting cold. There is nothing more to see here beneath the surface, or at least not that you could see. Here water is black and dreams are the only way you can feel alive. As I sink, I see there are creatures who thrive in darkness, who are their own light. Some are pink, some are electric with many colors, some are bright blue. Now I sink deeper within this great mystery, in complete darkness, onto the ocean floor. My back leans up against something hard, and pointy. My dreams are interrupted as I grab it. From the sludge, I grab something golden and bright. Something that was meant for me. The golden bright heart melts into my skin, enters my veins and lights me up like the other creatures of the dark depths. Weightless, I wave them all goodbye as I am brought back up to the surface and returned to the sun.

2 thoughts on “At the Bottom of the Ocean

  1. Whatever has happened try to make peace with the past and what matters is the now to look forward to make or allow our lives to be better , to grow , learn and evolve .
    If we put a smile o
    In the hearts and on the faces of others , cheer others and support to the best of our abilities , we could add to the peace , joy and unconditional love of the world …
       May God help us shine the light bright like the stars in the darkness of the night …
    Through both joy and pain , we transcend evolve and pain ,
    See the silver lining in the rain ,
    Have patience the rainbow is a sign
    That your blessings are coming back again
    For our power to get back and re-gain

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