What We Give Power

Don’t give the crisis in you power, when there is a miracle waiting to generate. There are many things that can manifest after being abused in some way, this is the list of all of them, not by the internet, but from my mind. Before I begin, I will say these are highly fixable things. As you read you may feel a huge burden, but I want you to see these things as highly fixable with the ability to change as you call it out in the light of day. When you give it a name and begin to change the thoughts and behaviors about your life, you will understand how much power you have. The list I came up with was, feeling unsafe, feeling insecure or unworthy, the thought ‘I can’t say no, what others want it is better’, anxiety, depression, loss of value of self, loss of value in life, disinterest in interests, disbelief in capability, down playing self, surrounding yourself with shitty people, not knowing you have a choice, and the worst of all, silence.

To reverse the effects, step into love, forgive and begin again. Explore your interests, if your being lazy, you probably haven’t found that thing that gives you so much energy you’d fall asleep with it in your hands. Your mind is a sacred place, and overthinking will never give the peace you need or a valid solution. You have to pull yourself out of that rut and place your hands on something and give it your full attention. As time goes on, you’ll realize it was what you gave power to, that haunted you, not what actually happened. You are stronger and softer than you think.


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