An Egyptian Witch

Greatness comes at a price my father told me. I never knew how willing I would be to pay even though it hurt me the most. Like, right now. Right now it hurts the most. I grew up in Egypt with all the other children. I became a part of so many lives here, and now I have to leave. I live on the outskirt of Egypt, the land I am from, that I am traveling back to. You see, my powers are getting to strong and people are starting to notice. They don’t like the way I’m dressing now a days. Or who I am speaking with. They say my magic is dark, but I know that it is light.

I learn what I can here, but my real teachers are in Egypt. They’ve offered to teach me anything I want. They’re is so much I want to do. The part that makes me sad, is how much I wanted to use this magic to help this town. To give them a good harvest and safe keeping from dark spirits.

I did this for them, but maybe it’s time to do it for me, and see what I can do.

There is nothing left for me here and I am tired of being empty handed. So I travel to the land that made promises to me and hope with all my heart, one day you’ll see.

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