I always wanted legs, I never knew that meant leaving the ocean. A war of my past and my future collide and I have to decide. You can’t have fins and legs forever. I am either human or not. A word to the living from the depths of my soul echo out in shining sparkles on the tops of the blue waters. It is a word not used often but my heart beats it now. From behind the rocks, I watch as people marvel at the water and say how pretty it is. I see a young couple in love, and he’s handsome. She’s gorgeous. They look so happy together playing in the water my words have made. Seeing, is good but feeling is greater. The truth is I never wanted to destroy these things the way I am designed to. I want to be a part of it. I have seen all the wonders of the deepest oceans and nothing compares to the way these two are looking at each other. Something I have always wanted. A siren is allowed to become human by walking onto land, but once you do, you can’t go back. You forfeit your home land, your community and everything you love about what you see around you to maybe experience love. Behind the rocks, I watch them and my beating heart and stinging eyes tell me I want this, I always will. My tail is glistening in the sun, and even my scales are cheering me on. Miles away, I see the wreckage I came from and I know it’s time to leave. I lift my arm to grab onto a rock and pull myself up. I feel the sun on my stomach. My tail is warm. I lift myself up higher and pull myself over to the sand. Where the sand meets the sun is where I become human. Like magic my tail separates and I am given legs and I fall onto my face. Never have I been so happy, pulling up my new feet, knees, and thighs, I jump and fall so happy to be human. From out of my curls I look out to see a voice speaking to me. It is a man and he is offering me a towel, because I’m naked on the beach

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