Trust Your Lonely

Never do anything out of loneliness to cure your loneliness. Instead embrace it, let yourself fill to the top with the feeling of being completely and utterly alone. Then, get very familiar with yourself. Figure out what you do and do not like. Most importantly find out what you like to do and what you like to create. Learn about these things and make them a priority to be worked on. Then, in the magical lonely hours, with no distraction from another living soul, create that something. Create the something you daydream about. Create what you wish you could tell your family “look, look this what i did”. That thing you would love to do so much but at the same time fills you with fear that makes your vision seem unattainable. Loneliness is not a curse or a reflection of you, it is a God- given opportunity to have a vision and run after it. To give you valuable time and space away from family, friends and relationships that you need to focus.

Sometimes when were lonely we try to cure it. We jump on our phones and text away, making plans, talking to friends and so on. Maybe some go on social media but I’m warning you do not go on social media when you are lonely, it will make it worse. There was a time once I was so lonely and i had been single for a while that i just wanted somebody with me. There was this really cute boy who id always running into all over town and we would flirt a little but not much ever happened. Three hours would go by and i would forget i even saw him that day because he was cute, but not the one. It wouldn’t work out anyways because we had completely different beliefs and wanted two separate things out of life. But as i sat in my living room at 9 o clock at night alone I thought to myself “maybe ill message him to talk” that would be fun, right?

Then the voice inside me started talking. You know that would start something you don’t want, you don’t really like him that much, you’re just bored and doing this out of loneliness isn’t how you want your story to begin with someone. Is sat and thought about it. You’re right. No matter what happened i would always know that i was never really into the guy just bored and lonely and decided to give him a chance to distract me from the loneliness.

Then i got up pulled open my laptop and began writing, it came slowly at first, then all of the sudden, i was typing away one short story after the next. I worked on my vocal range and began to paint. Over the next couple days i became extremely involved with, running, singing, writing, traveling, stargazing and so much more. Then over the next couple weeks i started to vibe with other people like me and those who had admired what i was doing with my life. So maybe lonely is a time we all need to go through to know who we are, what we like and what we do. So when its times for you to meet that person you’re story wont start off “well i was really bored one night in my living room so i messaged him on Facebook….” but instead “i was at the overlook taking pictures of the sunset and writing in my notebook at the same time and this man was doing the same thing next to me and we bumped into each other and got to talking…” and you both will have so much to talk about because you became a complete person on you’re own with likes, dislikes and most importantly, a vision. A vision of what you want to become, a vision of what you want to do, a vision of what you want to accomplish, a creative vision of what you want to create and give back to everyone. Only then will you honestly meet someone you can honestly be with in a serious committed relationship that is true, that is honest and that is genuine.

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