The America I Love

The America I love I saw today. I recently moved to a new home in a suburb. As I was running I saw an Indian family outside their home commenting on their front yard flowers. I said good morning and went on my way. I also ran by other families of other races as well. Some of these people came from beautiful countries. Why would anyone move to this plain Jane of a town? Freedom, and the space to thrive as a family with love. As I walked by every house, I saw a family having the home and space they need to live freely. It warmed my heart. Everyone deserves a happy, healthy home. America does have beautiful landscapes but that isn’t what people come here for. They come here for the spirit of America that hums beneath the earth. That no terrorist could ever erase. They come here for their families, for the love they have that they want to be in the best environment possible. Other countries are amazing for their own reasons but I love America because I believe it is a land of diversity flourishing together. I think we lost our way a little bit, but our true nature is still here and I know America will be true to herself again.

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