Love is Messy

Love is messy, because hate doesn’t have any room for anything else. Hate doesn’t have any room for flaw or error because it demands perfection. If you hate someone it’s because they embody something you don’t approve of, stepped off the beaten path or hurt you. Real things are messy, they’re different and they don’t obey your perception of “right”. What I have learned is there is no real right or wrong, good guys or bad guys. I believe in love and love covers everything. It covers any fear, difference and short coming. Hate couldn’t cover anything, it’s cold and rigid with no room for any kind of error. Hate has the potential to control but only through fear. Love influences through hope. Hate is a state of mind which emotions follow but they always lead to hollowness, because hate in itself is hollow. Love is also a state of mind, that emotions follow through. This gate will give you every good emotion, richer and fuller.

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