I have accepted myself fully and been on the other end of the spectrum. The times I was most accepting and happy was when I was single, doing my own thing and a loner. In other words, I had no one around me to second guess if I was okay in their eyes or not. It was probably one of the happiest times in my life and I glowed more than ever. Then something happened, my life changed and other people were involved and these people were critical. I started to see myself mired. My reflection didn’t look the same. I was loosing my vision and my acceptance because I was believing those around me over myself. Then I met someone who was truly vain. He praised young beauty for all the wrong reasons. He knew every little flaw a woman could have, and was constantly on edge of, is she perfect today? And saying things like, its only a year until she’s 23 and I’m not really into women over the age of 23. As a 23 year old young woman, I began feeling old and scared that the walls were closing in with all of these expectations and demands for perfection until I walked away. As I have gotten on in life, I have realized walking away is perfectly okay. Then as I spent more time away from these voices, I felt my mind calm, my thoughts go back to my own and my reflection come back to me. This was how I learned accepting yourself fully is non-negotiable, and so is surrounding yourself with people who accept you.

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