The Moment Hope Was Born

So she sat in a running red chevy truck, next to a boy she didn’t love in the drive way of her house. She didn’t cry, she didn’t make a sound, just sat there still trying to find the words she could never bring herself to say. Loneliness like a sitting tiger watched her from the door way of her house, taunting her with what may happen if she walked in alone. There is no one here to speak for her, no one to reassure her that what she thinks is true, and what she wants is okay. If I leave, what if I never meet someone else again? She thinks. And then, a thought bubbled up. Who might you meet, if you dared to give up the good to go for the great? The tension in her mind was broken, her relief settled her mind and body and she turned with kind eyes to the beautiful boy next to her, and kissed him goodbye.

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