Into the Unknown

Dark clouds whisper, the thing I always feared. A dark sky, clouds pushing down the pressure in the atmosphere. Usually I step back into the house when this comes but I never get to do the things I want in there. This is the work I needed to do on the outside, this is the catalyst my whole life as built up to.  As it starts to rain, I wonder, when did I begin to fear water and darkness? Why did I let it stop me? I was taught how to walk on water, and I was given a bright beating heart, so what am I so afraid of? If I only looked closer I would see there is so much more that I am capable of overcoming. As everything comes my way, the wind swirls and I remember something about her, that we share the same name and she obeys my voice. So gentle I speak and settle the storm so I can freely walk into the unknown.

One thought on “Into the Unknown

  1. A wondrous insightful story…… maybe a song from the Waterboys

    “Down Through The Dark Streets”

    Down by old house
    Over the bridge
    Down through the dark streets
    Where we used to live
    Out by the cornfield
    And the sycamore trees
    Down to the water
    Will you come, Lassie please?

    Snow in the town square
    December afternoon
    Christmas lights
    A crescent moon
    A boy selling chestnuts
    Roasted and brown
    Dropping black cinders
    That hiss on the ground
    You and I stand like strangers
    In our Hokusai clothes
    Like we come from some strange country
    That nobody else knows
    And to go where the wind blows
    Are just the words of thieves
    So will you come with me, Lassie
    Will you come Lassie, please?

    There’s a place there by the river
    I never showed you before
    But when I’m far away
    That’s where I go
    Outside it’s lamplight
    High time we leave
    Will you come Lassie, please?

    The big blue sea between us
    Is thousands of miles
    It’s cruel I know
    But you just have to smile
    I’d be back for you
    If I could just believe
    That everything is right and pure
    That everything is right and pure
    That everything is right and pure
    Will you come, Lassie, please?


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