The Atheist

Stargazing was the best here, the ocean held no lights to distract from the stars above and the docks were still warm from the summer day. Luna trespassed on private property to get her daily does of her favorite view. She laid back and watched the world fade away as she disappeared into the sky. Until a voice came from behind the shadows.

“What are you doing here?” He asked. He was beautiful and blonde with proper clothing for a young man living in a sea side mansion.

“I was star gazing, do you ever do this?” She asked turning away from him and back to the sky, unbothered by his presence.

“You’re trespassing.” He said.

“You’re right.” She said calmly agreeing with him and then turning her attention back to the sky.

He was confused, but as he looked at her face, he realized this young woman was beautiful.

“Why are you still sitting there?” He asked.

“Because you have the best view.” She said.

“But it is my view.” He said.

“You’re not even using it.” She said, adamant about staying. “You’re welcome to join me but I have another hour until I feel I’ve spent enough time looking at the stars.”

He looked confused then back to his lonely mansion and then decided to lay next to the girl in the Walmart sundress looking at the moon.

“Do you do this every night?” He asked curious about his security system.

“Not every night. But most nights. Do you know the constellations?” She asked. “Because I can show them to you. You have so much beauty in your backyard and you don’t even know anything about it.”

“Show me.” He said slowly becoming more interested.

Luna sat up, her hair falling to the grass as she looked above and pointed at the sky. “That’s the big dipper, that ones my favorite. I look for it wherever I go. I feel like it was Gods gift to me, is that weird?”

“I don’t believe in God.” He said.

“You don’t?” She said with a energetic grin. “Why’s that?” She said not offended in the slightest.

“Because I don’t have any proof.” He said. “And to me that’s not how faith works.”

“The greatest things that ever happened never had any proof that they would happen.” Luna started. “And to me all of those moments are purely God, so wouldn’t that be the proof you needed?” She asked smiling towards the sky.

He sat silently as her words processed to him. “I guess your right.” He said turning to her but all of the sudden she was gone. The moon gleamed brighter than before, and for a moment, he swore he saw a woman’s silhouette etched out on the moon.

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