Fear Has Finally Failed

I was sitting on my back porch this morning, thinking of everything I wanted to do, and how scary it would be to walk into that unknown space. I assured myself fear will always fade, and after the action, I would always be left with the reality of knowing I did what I always wanted to do, like a gem. It can never be taken away or destroyed, it happened, I did it, and it stays forever. However, that is not what resonated with me deeply. It was when I relaxed my mind, and the thought came through unforced that I have already defeated fear, because fear is nothing and I am something, so in a way I have already beat it. Fear is only false evidence appearing real, but it is not. I am real. My choices, the things I believe in, what I value and how I move are all real things and I would never want to bow down to something that not only does not exist but does not matter. Another thing, I believe it makes God really happy to watch people live out of faith and not fear. With courage and resilience, not easily moved. I think when angels have time off, they gather in the clouds with popcorn and the people they love to watch the most are those who live fearlessly.

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