When Sirens Stop Killing

Sirens didn’t always kills, they used to be quite peaceful. They knew the wonders of the sea below, and thought of it as their duty to share it with the ones above. Those who sailed boats had legs and lungs which prevented them from reaching the depths the ocean reached. So sirens sought to share true beauty with them in a gentle kindness. However, the men’s hearts that sailed the seas became dark with greed and envy. Not only did they want to profit from this beauty, they did not want to feel inferior to it. It was a deadly mix that brought them close to the sirens. They came with words of goodness but only brought harm. Sirens were mounted onto the front of ships, some were torn apart for their scales. None were safe. The outrage from the sirens was to much for men to bare. Their wrath was unexpected and more powerful than any weapon they could fashion. Every man was condemned to die for the harm they caused as well as the unnatural perverse interest and intent they had towards the sirens gifts.

One day, a young siren was making her way to the surface. She had never killed before, but the possibility never troubled her. However, she couldn’t help but feel all their attention was on hating the sailors and not on the wonders they were given to protect and share. That maybe they were becoming misguided. Curiosity became her and when she saw a man walking along the shore alone she swam closer.

In the shoreline, she swam still in the ebb and flow of the waves. When he saw her, he was struck and stood still. She called him closer and he walked into the water. He did not know she was a siren but was lured in by her beauty and the sound of her voice. She playfully tossed the water about in her hands as she spoke to him. She asked him if he believed in the stories of sirens, and he said yes, and began to speak in a way that made her whole body fuel with rage. He spoke carelessly about the harm that was caused and then ignorantly about their purpose. Her eyes stung at her first experience up close to this dark illusion of men’s souls. Well, some men’s souls. She turned her eyes away as water filled them before turning back and grabbing his throat.

“Please don’t kill me.” He said.

“You’re already dead.” She said.

Then he stared at her with fear driven eyes and she knew there was no light in them. The ocean glimmered in the sunlight and she felt that same light in herself. Then, for a moment, she pitied the man she held by the throat. That he would never know true beauty or the light of life. He would be wandering around this world aimlessly from pleasure to pleasure becoming a slave to it with no real joy. He could eat the juiciest of fruits and it would turn to ash in his mouth. There was no life in him. Then she gently let him down and took her hands off his throat where bruises were forming.

“Never come back here.” She said to him.

Clumsily he ran away and she dived back into the sea. Eager to speak to her fellow Sirens she swam to them quickly. As she spoke with her silver tongue they all agreed. From now on, they would live out of the joy they had for the life they were given and not out of hatred for their oppressors.

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