My Thoughts on How Men See Women

Feminism is a popular subject in todays culture, but its definition seems elusive to many. I think it has to be something we each define for ourselves, and my definition for myself, is my favorite. I think men and women each have a unique spirit that thrives beneath the skin that separates us from each other. It is deeper than than our bodies that separates the genders.  I think somewhere around kindergarten to fifth grade, children begin to form ideas about what it means to be a man or a woman, and this is where ignorance begins, an ignorance not everyone will grow out of. Some will see girls as “weaker” so they will begin to disrespect, and disregard them as people because in a way they will believe on some level they are better. Men and women are equals, but our strengths and our gifts that we have to offer the world are different.  To say, I’m bigger than you, I’m better than you, is so childish but it is a childish thought that stays with some. Most men will never take a step away from themselves to try to understand what a woman truly is. Yes, women can be sexual partners, and yes, they can have children, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what it means to be a woman. Like I said, being a man or woman begins more so in the spirit than it does the body. A woman’s force and presence in the world is valuable and good. Women have always been and will continue to be resilient, strong, kind, compassionate, soft, and intelligent. Not to mention, creative. Physically, women bring life into this world but I believe they also bring a unique force of creativity in everything they do. I have never seen women as lesser than, and I never will.

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