Quarantined Thoughts

As I sit in my room, surrounded by my things, and surrounded with nothing but my thoughts and memories, my life calculates itself to bring forth a new image. This new image, is of myself. I’m in a life I never thought of, and because I never thought of it, I never believed in it, so I could not have it, because as human beings our steps are taken in our minds first before they hit the ground. With the world silenced, and me forced to face myself, every piece of myself in this solitude, I found that I had been overlooking a great opportunity. To do better. To do better than anything I had ever known before. To be better. To realize what was within me was always beautiful and always correct and living with that part of me shining through was better than hiding it. I stepped over the line, like the valley that separates one half of the book from the other, and went to the new pieces of my life, rising up through words. When I got a taste of this future, it was so easy to let go of my past, even the good parts. I knew greater was coming.

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