Nordic Depths

I haven’t seen the sea like this in ages. Slowly sailing through mountains of ice, I am reminded of a time long ago when I shared this place with a younger me. Going forward, I can feel the dark clouds that aren’t visible to the eye that cast over this place and the ice blue waters piercing straight through my soul. I remember cold water, I remember how it stings. I reached my hand over slightly just to feel the chill and be reminded. My nervous system lights up my entire body like an electrical circuit. Were back to the beginning of the story. Looking over the edge of the boat into the water, I can see my face, but I can also see the younger me, frozen under water. I quickly tie my hair back behind my head, hold my breath and jump in. Down into the darkening water, I see her and I grab her by the arm and she looks at me, confused at first, until her eyes light up. I tug on her arm and carry her out of cold water, until we are above the surface and I launch her into the boat, us both gasping for air. I climb in and try to catch my breath, and turn to look at her, but she has already crawled into my lap and started hugging me and thanking me for coming back for her.

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