The Devil and I are Done

In  waking hours, when you think you filled my memories, I take back to my own senses and I start to breathe. Some how I let you feed off of me like the vampires do in a waking nightmare, electrifying my nervous system to wake breathless in a dark room all alone. Why did I never think I could not leave you? Why did I think you had anything to offer me? You drained my sweetness but unlike the bees you didn’t even bother making honey, you didn’t even use it for yourself, you just poured it out on the ground as if it were nothing. You never knew I had fields of wildflowers in my brain, and even though you may try to cut them all down and pluck them individually, they will always rise again, and resistance will bring its strength. Devil, you and I are done, and my sweetness will return and I will live in the sun, away from you.

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