Hurts so Good

I’ve got roses in my head, the thorns were the hardest part until they bloomed. My heart took the heaviness in my brain, dropped down eighteen inches from the thorns popping out the hot air carrying all your lies. It’s so nice to feel alive without you. Trying to sympathize your madness runs me dry. And I never cry, and if I do it’s when I’m all alone. So crying in front of you today isn’t something I can let go of. I couldn’t keep up in this race, you were running free and I was struggling. To cry about this clears the skies in my mind, I see the sun for the first time, you always lied. Trying to trust you ran your chances into overtime. And I know they say the truth hurts and that beauty is pain, so I guess that means the person being blessed by you leaving is me. Life taught me especially up till now that pain brings floods and droughts, surviving gives you more than clout, it gives you a life filled with beauty you could never manufacture, it is homegrown. So maybe it’s good that it stings. I hear it in my voice when I sing.

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