How Do You Break Out of a Cage?

How do you break out of a cage? And not just any cage – a psychological cage. When silence becomes the norm, your psychological oxygen is being taken away. You’re gasping for air, you can’t breathe, you can’t think straight, all you can do is panic about how you are going to breathe again. I have wondered time and time again. Where does freedom come from? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it the acceptance of those around you? What is freedom and how do you get it? I thought long and hard about it. I have tried to find it every way I could and I was led to one simple answer: freedom lies in the truth and nothing but the truth can set you free. So what do you do if you feel like telling the truth creates a bigger target for you? What if telling the truth sets you free but ruffles feathers? You tell your truth anyway. Persistence and consistence take the lead with a truth teller. Liars can lie as much as they please but the truth is strong and can take down false idols. Most liars end up destroying themselves as they try to destroy others. People who tell the truth always end up in better situations, regardless of the consequences.

I was talking to my neighbor yesterday and he was talking about how a rabbit killed his plants by eating all its leaves. I asked how that worked. He told me that the leaves are \ the lungs to the plant, it helps them breathe. Without them, they perish. Your mind is a garden and there are many plants that help grow your psyche to serve you. Taking away your truth, is like taking away your lungs. If you want to be free, tell the truth, and leave.

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