Rebellion is an interesting concept to me because we all do it every day. Light rebels against dark, and dark against light.  Love and hate is the battle of all battles, and we are entering a new one right before our eyes. I have watched as people blindly trust in what they sense safety is lead them straight into the wallowing depths of hatred only to be destroyed by themselves. I have seen those filled with love rage at the abomination of the hatred they recognize and know is wrong. I think sometimes in life you have to be a rebel. If not for the greater good, but for your own soul. Not everyone is going to stop and take a second to think what does God think of my actions? And you need to. Someone told me recently something that peaked my interest. They said, the devil himself could misuse scripture to fit his agenda. Which also makes me think there are people who think they are Godly being racist, when in reality they are simply being demonic and covering themselves with a white cloak. Love is usually quiet and hatred louder but even loving people can be provoked to rage through unjust treatment. I have been other peoples target before and I know how confusing and hurtful it is. Thankfully I could get away from that group of people and do something else. I wasn’t targeted by a nation. I could only imagine the helpless feeling of being seen as “bad” just for the color of your skin. Rebellion matters. Don’t be confused by the tone of the word, sometimes rebellion is a mask for conviction. Rebellion has always had it’s place in history moving us forward and evolving out of a lesser being. I look forward to my own unique form.

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