Begin with the End in Mind

Were all gonna die one day, that is either the beginning of your liberation or the beginning of your demise. I knew someone who knew she had a weak brain. She knew it was only a matter of time until one of her vessels snapped and her life would be over instantly. Remarkably, she did not live in fear or obsess over death or have people feel sorry for her. She loved people, worked hard, willingly did chores, embraced fashion, traveled and lived her life. This woman was my grandmother. Along side her, was my grandfather who passed away this summer. He knew he had a short time to live when the doctors told him he had cancer. He did not cry or beg for more time. He did not cower or fall into self pity. He died like a man, telling me he loved me without an ounce of fear. I felt no trace of despair in him. Not everyone is like this. Some people weigh their mortality and drown themselves in shopping, eating, drugs, drama, etc to avoid their life, their true life. I know people who live in fear and constant anxiety about the issue. As a child I was introduced to death at a young age and I would have relentless panic attacks out of nowhere. As I have gotten older and put the pieces together I realized I wasn’t afraid of dying. I was afraid of dying as I was, doing what I was doing. There’s a reason why the saying goes “do it or die trying.” Because as human beings we are our actions, and death is what solidifies those actions in who we are for eternity. Thank God we live under grace and get to fail and try again but I never want to use that as an excuse to stop trying. Life is so many things, you can’t define it by one. Its your work you put out into the world, your friendships, your adversities you overcome, actually I think life is the difference you make in others life’s. I’ve come to the conclusion lately that I’m probably not 100% a good person but I have the freedom to do good things, and I will. I always will. So if you want to start living, confront death so you can move on with the whole thing. We are insignificant and beautiful and wonderful and fleeting and there is nothing to cry over. Feel as much as you can, love as much as you can, laugh, cry, do what you love and be kind because it matters that you live. Jesus wants you to live. God himself would not have come down to earth to die if it was not worth it for you to live. There is something deeply amazing about living and we don’t know what it is and I don’t think we get to have that answer for as long as were human. It’s a secret and I think we should just trust it and be happy.

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