Walk Me Home

I see the sunrise over the sky, I ended all my midnights. It was time for me to go home, the place I belong that I have always known. The door man handed me the key and I walked in, everything comes when the time is right. And in these rooms filled with roses and cashmere overlooking the ocean, I nod in a coy approval. I will live here and watch life bloom around me, because of the seeds within me and know that this mansion was built inside me before I ever turned the key.

When Love Meets the Light


You’re so hungry, but you’ll never tell, hiding all the things you want, your voice in a shell.

Because you think weakness is needing, but there’s honey hiding underneath your coals, something sweet that almost died when you went up in smoke.

And in the depths of your soul, there is hope, lift up your voice and let your truth be known.

Beauty then will be redeemed and your soul will grow, and this, sweet love of mine will be the greatest seed I’ve sown.

A Little Bit of Grit

I hope I have the strength to see this through and if I don’t, God please fill in the pieces of me that are weak. Because in my weakness, you’re strength is seen and I have never felt something so soft working throughout me. Gentle moments where God sends angels to comfort every cell in my skin, I take life as a grain of sand, just one person with an idea and take every hit I’ve been given. Don’t worry I don’t feel sorry for myself, like a child who realizes candy can’t feed you I know that life ain’t always sweet, but I can be. As I sit in this shell and dream of coming out, I know I’ll be a pearl one day, and every struggle counts.

Swimming in the Sea

I left the ocean behind, but I found another in your arms. Once I swam and felt the sea rush against my skin, now I feel it in my veins. My breathing is deep with the taste of salt on my lips, and I feel at home in this moment that feels like everything I have ever wanted. I was waiting for the pressure to come, to feel the crushing tide of being in these waves but they never came. I felt so relaxed, so relieved in your arms as if we were in the middle of a freezing sea, as warm and as safe as can be. My love is like an ocean, and it is impossible to drown. You’ll walk on these waters and swim just for fun because when you’re with me, my love sets you free.

Into the Unknown

Dark clouds whisper, the thing I always feared. A dark sky, clouds pushing down the pressure in the atmosphere. Usually I step back into the house when this comes but I never get to do the things I want in there. This is the work I needed to do on the outside, this is the catalyst my whole life as built up to.  As it starts to rain, I wonder, when did I begin to fear water and darkness? Why did I let it stop me? I was taught how to walk on water, and I was given a bright beating heart, so what am I so afraid of? If I only looked closer I would see there is so much more that I am capable of overcoming. As everything comes my way, the wind swirls and I remember something about her, that we share the same name and she obeys my voice. So gentle I speak and settle the storm so I can freely walk into the unknown.

Galaxies in a Wasteland

I wonder if breathing always felt this good, as I walk above the hole in the ozone layer. Gravity gave me a lift as it disappeared. Sitting in the middle of the cosmos I was floating watching swirling blue stars stand all around me, some clustering together. They shine and glimmer and stir my soul with relief that this place exists. I never knew it did. It was on the other side of fear that I finally experienced what it felt like to be human. As my blood ran warm for the first time in years, and color filled my cheeks, I smiled so wide I couldn’t go back to fear even if I could. Traveling back down to the wasteland, I took a latter back down to Earth and knew that everything was going to change.

A Million Shades of the Light

The prismatic heart stands in it’s own orbit, but the sun hadn’t touched it yet. In the cold it sat waiting for years to see the light, it almost forgot it existed. So it sat, wondering what it was, and why it looked as though it was empty but always felt fulfilled. And when the planets shifted, and the sun chose to shine in a new direction, the prism was the first to see the light and the world watched as a million different colors showered them in a love so bright and so bold, it could never be denied nor forgotten.